day one hundred and ninety five

14th July, 2010

Packing for my trip…not that easy. This will be the last post for a few days while I fly for about 36 hours to get to Toulouse.

day one hundred and ninety four

13th July, 2010

Picked up my Euros today. This is about 1/15th of what I will have to spend…

day one hundred and ninety three

12th July, 2010

This is an apple and an orange. Yep. (Edit: I just realised that of course its actually a banana…not thinking straight at the moment)

day one hundred and ninety one

10th July, 2010

Got together with a couple of other photographers and a few aspiring models and headed over to Cockatoo Island to do some shooting. Awesome awesome place for model shots, rays of sun light were beaming through giant windows in this room giving quite a cool effect. Was good not having to bother with flashes and […]

day one hundred and ninety

9th July, 2010

Can he do it an 8th time? I would like to think he can…

day one hundred and eighty seven

6th July, 2010

I was pretty bored tonight so I decided to put my Year 9 chef hat on and make pinwheels.

day one hundred and eighty six

5th July, 2010

The Tour de France is now in full swing with a few stages already done. Its already turning out to be an awesome race so I cant wait to get to the Pyrenees on the 16th!

day one hundred and eighty five

4th July, 2010

Light trails of cars coming from the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

day one hundred and eighty four

3rd July, 2010

Played a game of soccer today for the first time in about five years. And in doing so im pretty sure I tore something quite badly because it hurts like hell.

day one hundred and eighty three

2nd July, 2010

Tonight is the start of some of the top games of the World Cup with Brazil vs Netherlands. Im hoping the Dutchies take them down. (this is the team scarf of Ajax Amsterdam in case you didn’t realise)