day one hundred and fifty six

5th June, 2010

Waves smashing over North Curl Curl pool this morning. I walked out to the end of that railing to take some closer photos and quickly got drenched from head to toe by a big one that rolled in.

day one hundred and forty nine

29th May, 2010

Rainy, windy and cold. Still went out to take this photo though.

day one hundred and one

11th April, 2010

Canon 5D2 @ 17mm f/13 1s ISO100 North Curl Curl pool sunset. Nearly got taken off the rocks a few times…

day eighty six

27th March, 2010

Canon 5D2 @ 17mm f/8 0.8s ISO100 Cloudy and moody sunrise this morning, no point in taking photos of the grey sky so I went for the water instead.

day seventy nine

20th March, 2010

Canon 5D2 @ 21mm f/13 2s ISO100 Up at 6am this morning to catch the sunrise at Turimetta Beach. Started off pretty plain but later the orange came out in the sky and made for a beautiful sunrise and day.

day seventy eight

19th March, 2010

Canon 5D2 @ 21mm f/18 1.3s ISO100 Flowing water on the rock shelves of Turrimetta Beach.

day seventy five

16th March, 2010

Canon 5D2 @ 21mm f/18 15s ISO100 + Cokin Grad ND8 Filter Collaroy Beach pool this time around. I dont think ill be coming back here too often, its a pretty boring pool to take photos of.

day seventy four

15th March, 2010

Canon 5D2 @ 20mm f/13 15s ISO100 + Cokin Grad ND8 Filter On a bit of a roll with the seascapes at the moment. This time its looking back at North Curl Curl beach.

day seventy three

14th March, 2010

Canon 5D2 @ 21mm f/18 15s ISO100 + Cokin ND8 and Grad ND8 Filters First time ive ever been to Narrabeen Beach pool. Can’t believe I never thought to go there before because its such a great pool for photos.

day seventy two

13th March, 2010

Canon 5D2 @ 17mm f/8 30s ISO100 Sunrise self portrait taken this morning at about 6am at Mahon Pool, Maroubra Beach.