day one hundred and twenty three

3rd May, 2010

Canon 5D2 @ 50mm f/2.8 1/120s ISO1600 The rocket was nearly ready for take off… (I only just realised now that this was day 123 which I could have done something funny with…oh well…)

day one hundred and thirteen

23rd April, 2010

Canon 5D2 @ 50mm f/2.8 1/100s ISO1600 Give me that necklace or im going to shoot you in the face with a laser.

day one hundred and six

16th April, 2010

Canon 5D2 @ 63mm f/4 1/40s ISO1600 Professor Jones is eating what might possibly be the biggest banana in history.

day one hundred and five

15th April, 2010

Canon 5D2 @ 52mm f/4 1/40s ISO1600 They came in to a bit of trouble on the way to the Holy Grail.

day one hundred and three

13th April, 2010

Canon 5D2 @ 50mm f/2.8 1/80s ISO1600 “JUNIOR! You’re going the wrong way!”

day fifteen

15th January, 2010

Canon 5D2 @ 70mm f/4 1/60s ISO1600 DJ Storm Trooper spinning the discs and cranking the beats tonight. Every so often im not going to be bothered to go somewhere to take a photo, this is one of those times. Possible sunrise photo tomorrow or Sunday morning though…