day two hundred and forty three

31st August, 2010

Birds eye view of Hallstatt. This cloudy weather is killing me.

day two hundred and forty two

30th August, 2010

Today I had way more of an awesome day than I ever thought I was going to have. It was cold and rainy and generally not fun, however that meant that at the top of the mountains it was snowing! Walked over to some sled dog kennels and said hello. Just the coolest animals ever.

day two hundred and forty one

29th August, 2010

I really really hope the weather improves so I can smash this photo out of the park. Hallstatt in Austria.

day two hundred and forty

28th August, 2010

Raining on and off all day today. Thank god for weather sealed camera bodies. This was a lone fisherman on the Hintersee (‘King’s Lake’) catching quite a few.

day two hundred and thirty nine

27th August, 2010

Ummm…yeah. Cows messing around on the hike up Mt Jenner.

day two hundred and thirty eight

26th August, 2010

Stunning day today so I went up to the Eagle’s Nest. Admiring the view off one of the trails.

day two hundred and thirty seven

25th August, 2010

The perfectly clean and still Obersee (‘Upper Lake’).

day two hundred and thirty six

24th August, 2010

Today I moved down the road to Berchtesgaden for four days. Its such a small place that there is only hotels to stay in, so that means slightly more money, which means slightly less money for other things, such as food. So its back to the occasional supermarket style meal of rolls with meat, philli […]

day two hundred and thirty five

24th August, 2010

Today I got semi-swayed in to doing a bike tour of the Sound of Music sites (cute girls have way too much power). Was actually a good tour, even though I also hadn’t seen the movie yet either. I’ll also take any opportunity to get on a bike and cycle around. Oh yea and this […]

day two hundred and thirty four

22nd August, 2010

Even though it was approximately 835 degrees today I still made the walk up to the Hohensalzburg Fortress. They have changed the way you see it since last year as well, you now go in groups of people and they have opened up one of the towers to go up. What a difference the weather […]