day three hundred and fifty

16th December, 2010

Sun, wind, rain, snow, hail. Nothing stops the Amsterdammers getting on their bikes.

day three hundred and forty nine

15th December, 2010

Pretty chuffed with this photo. Walking along the canals in the morning and noticed the really nice light falling on the paved street, and the idea of a bike shadow came in to my head and bazinga here it is.

day three hundred and forty eight

14th December, 2010

Ajax Amsterdam Arena. The yellow glow is the lights they use on the grass to help it grow due to the lack of sun that gets in to the stadium. Rather unfortunate they were there when I went.

day three hundred and forty seven

13th December, 2010

I love what they’ve done with the place.

day three hundred and forty six

12th December, 2010

Arrived in Amsterdam today and this is the canal at the end of the street where im staying.

day three hundred and forty five

11th December, 2010

I stalked these horse carriages for a few hours today, trying to find the right angle and background that screams ‘Bruges’. I gave up after a while, there was just too many tourists on the streets getting in the way. This was the best I think, has the cutest driver at least anyways. Too bad […]

day three hundred and forty four

10th December, 2010

Another thing that is synonymous with any city in Belgium – bicycles.

day three hundred and forty three

9th December, 2010

The window of one of the hundreds and hundreds of chocolate shops in Bruges.

day three hundred and forty two

8th December, 2010

Brussels-Midi train station. It was a loooooong night.

day three hundred and twenty eight

24th November, 2010

Cologne christmas markets with the cathedral in the background.