day three hundred and four

31st October, 2010

A lot of other travellers were telling me that Warsaw is an ugly city. I tend to disagree.

day three hundred and three

30th October, 2010

Inside the Warsaw Rising Museum. Along with House of Terror in Budapest and Schindler’s Factory in Krakow, this is a WW2 museum not to be missed. Top notch.

day three hundred and two

29th October, 2010

Today I was so hungover it was ridiculous. I somehow still managed to drag myself to Warsaw and find my hostel. This Maccas is just around the corner and gave me some much needed fat.

day three hundred and one

28th October, 2010

Pigeons are absolutely everywhere in Krakow. It might have something to do with the fact that you actually get fined if caught killing one. I hate them.

day three hundred

27th October, 2010

Yes, I went back. This is probably one of my favourite photos of the entire trip, and one of the most memorable days.

day two hundred and ninety nine

26th October, 2010

Quickly flew back to Sydney to catch this sunset over the Harbour Bridge. Or maybe its Krakow.

day two hundred and ninety eight

25th October, 2010

The altar inside St Marys Cathedral in Krakow, Poland. Its supposed to be the biggest altar in Europe, but I may have remembered that wrong as ive been inside approximately 924834 cathedrals in Europe.

day two hundred and ninety seven

24th October, 2010

day two hundred and ninety six

23rd October, 2010

The two towers of St Mary’s Cathedral in Krakow, Poland.

day two hundred and ninety five

22nd October, 2010

St Mary’s Cathedral in Krakow, Poland.