day two hundred and twelve

31st July, 2010

Lake Bachalpsee, a 50 minute walk from First above Grindelwald. Although having been here about 10 times over both my visits here I am still yet to get the perfect day to photograph this lake. So many things just need to be perfect, and the weather at this height just changes too often and too […]

day two hundred and eleven

30th July, 2010

One of the cows just hanging out at Pfingstegg above Grindelwald.

day two hundred and ten

29th July, 2010

I was supposed to meet up with some BASE jumpers today for some photos but the weather wasnt right so no one was jumping. So I decided to go for a walk and find the exit point myself. I knew the area it was in by seeing it from the ground but how that translates […]

day two hundred and nine

28th July, 2010

View down in to the valleys from Eigergletscher, which sits at 2320m above sea level.

day two hundred and eight

27th July, 2010

The view from the balcony of my hotel in Lauterbrunnen. Just arrived and im going to be here for eight days this time. Jealous?

day two hundred and seven

26th July, 2010

For the last night in Paris I went for a walk around at night to get some photos. I only managed to fit in the Louvre before it started pouring rain.

day two hundred and six

25th July, 2010

Tour de France riders putting the hammer down the Champs Elysees with thousands and thousands and thousands of spectators looking on. I did basically the exact same photo in 2007 (now the header image for Cool Story Hansel), but this time with a better camera and also totally fluked that epic chick in the middle.

day two hundred and five

24th July, 2010

A photo that turned out far better than I imagined whilst taking it. Birds eating bread out of people’s hands outside of Notre Dame.

day two hundred and four

23rd July, 2010

Arrived in Paris without toooo much trouble from Toulouse. Weather isn’t really cooperating though, clouds keep rolling in threatening rain. Made for quite a cool ‘moody’ Eiffel Tower photo though.

day two hundred and three

22nd July, 2010

Lance coming up the Col du Tourmalet. The entire day was blanketed in fog and the visibility was down to around 10m in some parts.