day one hundred and fifty five

4th June, 2010

Driving home in the rain = looooong traffic delays.

day eighty four

25th March, 2010

Canon 5D2 @ 100mm f/5.6 1/2000s ISO800 Stopped at the traffic lights on my way to work and this awesome Rolls comes in to the service station for fuel. Quickly got the camera off my seat and snapped away.

day forty eight

17th February, 2010

Canon 5D2 @ 17mm f/8 13s ISO400 Bit of an experiment tonight…kind of worked. Thirteen seconds of driving around.

day two

2nd January, 2010

Canon 5D2 @ 55mm f/6.3 1/100s ISO400 + 3 Remote Strobes ‘Is that the car from back to the future?!#?@’. Yep, sure is. I was finally able to shoot my brothers Delorean. Had a few troubles with the location for shooting it. Driving down to a few good industrial areas that I knew of, that […]