Day Three Six Five. Amanda the Bunny helping me finish this project.

Well I did it, a photo a day for an entire year. I was always confident that I would be able to finish it, especially with travelling half the year as I was taking photos every day anyway. There were a few times in May and June where I would come home from work and have no idea what to take a photo of, but I always managed to find something, although sometimes extremely uninteresting, but im glad I did. Doing this project forced me to take photos at times I would normally not be bothered to, and because of that ive now ended up with many photos im very happy about, especially ones from those ridiculously early sunrises.

So thanks to everyone that was following along, and especially for the comments. They all helped me to keep going. When I get home from this overseas trip in a couple of weeks I might do a review of all the photos and pick out my favourites. But apart from that this is it. Its been fun. Over and out.